Heaven’s View is a Christ centered Biblically focused multi-cultural/multiracial congregation.  It is our belief that the love of Christ lived out in the corporate life of the Church is more than able to overcome the barriers that have historically divided congregations into communities that serve just one predominant race or culture.  We are very intentional in our efforts to work across barriers and break traditional stereotypes.

Praise & Worship

The weekly praise and worship service at Heaven’s View Christian fellowship reflects the cultural diversity of our congregation.  You can expect to participate in a mix of gospel, contemporary Christian music and traditional hymns at any given service.  We view worship as an opportunity to join in the power of the Holy Spirit to honor and lift up the name of Jesus. (Psalm 100:1-5 )


At Heaven’s View, we participate in Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  We celebrate an open communion which means that if you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior then you are welcome to participate in communion regardless of the particular denominational tradition you may historically come from.  We believe that regardless differences within human traditions that the church is made up of One Body, One Spirit, One Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and One Father above all and in all.

Corporate Prayer

During our weekly service at Heaven’s View we participate in corporate prayer which is led by a minister appointed for that purpose.  Services are opened and closed in prayer and there is a time in the middle of the worship service set aside for us as a congregation to intercede in prayer for needs within the congregation, the community and the nation. 


At each service we sing a sort song entitled “We Love Jesus More Than All”.  This song began as a recitation and was later put to music.  The song reaffirms our commitment to put Jesus above all of the practices the world may engage in that separate us from God and each other and seek the unity of the Spirit in our worship. You can find the words to the song on the back of every bulletin.

Prayer Room

For those with more individual needs there is a time following services where congregants can gather in a private room and join with our prayer team to pray for healing, or God’s intervention in personal circumstances.

Altar Call

Following each service there is an opportunity for individuals to respond to the message or to God’s call to salvation or recommitment to the faith.  Congregants may come forward to request prayer (prayers will be handled in prayer room – see “prayer room” above), to make a public confession of faith and salvation, or to share a testimony.  A testimony is a short personal story about how God has intervened in a person’s life, giving God glory and boosting the faith of fellow worshippers in the congregation. 


While we do not have a formal dress code or requirement, we do ask that congregants honor God by dressing modestly and avoiding inappropriate or suggestive messaging on clothing.


During each service a time is set aside for people to give their tithes and offerings to God.  A basket will be passed and funds can be dropped in the basket.  Heaven’s View teaches three kinds of monetary giving for those that are called and set aside by God for his purposes.

  • Tithes: 10% of your gross earnings during a designated pay period

  • Free will offering: money given of your own free will above and beyond your tithes

  • Stewardship Offering: Planned sacrificial giving above and beyond tithes and offerings.


At each service ushers are available to assist you with specific seating needs, to give directions and to provide for your security.  Ushers are dressed in black suits or dresses and are wearing an identification badge.


Heaven’s View Christian Fellowship is located at 602 W. Richmond Ave. Peoria Illinois.  The church sits on the corner of Richmond and Ellis Street behind Peoria Central High School.  The main parking lot is behind the building off the Ellis Street entrance with overflow parking on the street and in the Central High School back lot.  The main entrance are the double glass doors off the Ellis Street Parking lot.  Once inside the foyer you can take the elevator to the Sanctuary (main worship space) on floor one, the fellowship Hall in the basement or the administrative offices on floor 3.  To the left as you walk in the main entrance are Sunday School classrooms and the pantries.


Bathrooms are located on each floor of the main building.  Please ask an usher if you need assistance in locating the restroom.


Announcements of upcoming meetings and activities are projected on the front wall and scrolled for the first 15 minutes before services.  Please take note of the activities that pertain to you or the to the activities that you would like to participate in.

Nursery / Cry Room

A nursery and cry room is available for parents with infants or small children in the back of the worship hall.  Use of the room is limited to small children accompanied by a parent or adult. We ask that unaccompanied older children be seated with their family or that they take advantage of the age appropriate services provided for them during the service hours.

Sunday School

Sunday School discipleship classes are offered for all ages before services beginning at 9:30 am. These classes are designed as age appropriate opportunities to dig deeper into scripture and the relationships that God desires us to form between one another.

Pre-Service Refreshments

Light Refreshments are offered every weekend before services beginning at 10:15 to 10:45 in the fellowship hall.  No food or drink is allowed in the main worship center.