Prayer Ministry

Jesus said that the church should be a House of Prayer.  Prayer is conversation with the Most High GOD in the name of his son Jesus the Christ (the anointed one).  It is not just telling him what we want but it also involves listening to what he has to say.

There are different kinds of Prayers:
Prayer of Thanksgiving
– thanking GOD for what he has done
Prayer of Praise – praising him for what we know he can do
Prayer of  Supplication – where we ask for what we want or need
Prayer of Intercession – we ask GOD to help others
Prayer of Healing – asking him to touch our infirmities
Prayer for our Leaders – asking for wisdom, guidance and protection
Prayer for Guidance – asking the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth and the right way
Prayer for Protection – for our security
Prayer in the Spirit – when we don’t know what to say or ask for with ordinary words

You can ask GOD for anything according to his word.  We pray corporately on Tuesdays. During this time we also pray over the prayer requests that we receive from the prison population.  
The Bible says,  “..Men ought to always pray.” (Luke 18:1)

Youth Ministry

Heaven’s View Youth Pastor and the youth leaders oversee, direct and coordinates all youth related activities for the church.  We define youth as people at 1 – 25 years of age.  Our Youth department directs the biblical instruction of our youth and also provides mentors for those in need.

Mentors for our youth are approved volunteers that are screened to ensure the security of every child.

We host a special Youth service every 2nd and 4th Sunday during our regular morning worship.  This service is designed to give the youth a setting where they can learn about church and ask questions on their level.

Weekly mid-week services are normally held on Wednesday at 6:30 PM unless otherwise published.

Our youth also enjoy various outside activities for fun, enjoyment and fellowship. Nursery services durning our regular worship time is available for children ages 5 years and under.  

We believe children are important and we pray for their safety, are concerned about their spiritual growth, and we actively promote their educational pursuits in church and in the community.  We intentionally teach life skills and seek to grow our youth’s coping abilities.  GOD loves all the little children for they have a special place in his heart.

“Where you don’t hear a baby’s cry – the church will die”

Dance & Drama Ministry

As King David danced before the Lord so we offer praise with our bodies.  Heaven’s View has a wonderful dance ministry that offers praise to the Lord with all the majesty he deserves.  This is a wonderful outlet for our youth as well as adults to give a sacrifice of praise to worship music. As Jesus gave his life for us we give him the movement of our bodies in praise and worship.

Music Ministry

GOD himself has given many talents within his body.  We have several areas within the music ministry that offers an outlet to worship our GOD.  Heaven’s View understands that different types of music appeals to different tastes.  Here there is something for everyone!

Family Chorus:  Is a mixture of adults who provide contemporary music
Male Chorus:  They sing tradition gospel
Children’s Choir:  Our little ones learn to worship the Lord in song.  Out of the mouths of babes, praise is perfected.

Singing is not the only part of the music ministry we need other talents.
Musicians:  Piano, guitar, drums, etc.
Sound Technicians & other Media

We all work together to lift up the name of Jesus.

Women’s Ministry

The Women of Heaven’s View come together to plan special events and retreats to encourage women and meet special needs in the church and community.  They serve as mentors to the young women and offer their life skill experience when needed.  They work together to prepare meals for the sick and shut-ins, provide bibles and more. They work diligently to contact the widows and single mothers to meet them at their point to need and strengthen their faith.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry serves the congregation and the community when needed.  They periodically plan retreats for men and mentor the young males.  They reach out to the men to encourage attendance at Sunday School  and Bible studies to help strengthen their faith.  Their main objective is to support the vision of Heaven’s View and the Pastors. 

Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education Ministry is the leg of Heaven’s View that offers many avenues to learn the word of GOD.
Sunday School:  mets at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning. Sunday School offers a range classes for different age groups and genders.
Adult Bible Study is offered on Wednesdays for a mid-week fill up.
Vacation Bible School (VBS): Is a one day or one week intense program offered each summer (normally in June). Classes are age appropriate and designed to be a fun adventure in the study of the GOD’s word. The theme and dates are subject to change each year. Meeting time is usually 6:00 – 8:00 PM Monday through Friday.
Special Training: We understand that the word of GOD though complete needs to be broken down for everyday application. 
Christian Education also offers specific subjects to help saints apply the word of GOD.

Pastoral Care Ministry

Heaven’s View Pastoral Care Ministry is responsible for visits at the hospitals and ministry to the sick and bereaved.  This ministry provides additional legs for the Pastors to more effectively care for the congregation.  They contact those who are planning funeral rites, pray for hurting souls and share the good news with the lost.  They are often available to offer spiritual comfort to those who are experiencing crisis.

In addition, Pastoral Care offers spiritual guidance to new converts and prepares them for baptism.

Deacons & Deaconesses


Assist the leaders of Heaven’s View in promoting the vision of the church.  These men and women prepare communion elements for the congregation on the first Sunday and travel to provide communion to those who are home bound.  They assist in preparing candidates for baptism, secure the campus. They are responsible for keeping watch within the congregation and reporting issues to the Pastors.


They are the door keepers in the House of the Lord.  Each usher is trained to provide security and order for the scheduled services.  Ushers consist of both male and female workers as well as youth that are training for greater service within the church. Greeters work with the ushers to provide an inviting environment within the church and greet people with open arms and a welcome smile upon arrival. 

We are many hands working together to promote the Kingdom of GOD.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry serves as a location to help people supplement their incomes during hard times.  We are open every Saturday unless otherwise published from 10:00 AM  to 12:00 PM. The food is free but each individual should provide some form of ID. Those who use the services of the food pantry are are only allowed to use the pantry once a month unless there is a legitimate emergency. Food products may vary with availability.  Our pantry relies on personal donations and donations from the local food bank for resources to engage in this vital service to our community.

Clothing Pantry

The clothing pantry is free.  Donations from the community have allowed us the opportunity to help those who are struggling.  Normal hours are Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Items are limited and you may only use the pantry once a month unless it is a legitimate emergency.

Items may vary as donations are received.  Please consider donating clothing that is clean and in good repair to help someone in need.  If you would not wear it please do not offer it to another.



We offer transportation to and from services.  If you are in need of transportation to Heaven’s View we ask that you contact the church at 309/682-2360, as early as possible and leave your name, address and a contact number.

Please make sure you are ready when the van comes.  Our drivers also want to attend services and if you are not ready at the appointed time they will not double back unless it is an emergency.

Like the ten virgins 5 were wise and 5 were foolish.  The wise virgins were ready and waiting for the bridegroom to come.  It is a privilege in this country to be able to enter a building to worship our Lord together.  We don’t take this opportunity for granted

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)