our History

We are a product of two congregations that have laid down their traditions and cultures to come together to build the kingdom of God in this area.  One of the churches involved in the merger was “Christian Family Center” This Congregation was a church plant from Broadview Baptist in Broadview, IL.  The second church in our union was a congregation from the “World Wide Church of God” now known as Grace Communion International. 

Our original union started when we partnered to promote Peoria Job’s Partnership in this area, where people who are chronically un-employed, learn the basic biblical principles to help them succeed in the market place. We soon realized that God was calling us to greater things.

On December 5, 2005 we officially merged the two churches and formed Heaven’s View Christian Fellowship since that date we have never looked back.  It has been amazing to see what can God do with willing hearts and spirits that are yielded to him.  It has not always been easy to lay down traditions and learn a new way, but our love for Jesus and each other has helped us overcome many obstacles.

We believe Heaven will be populated with every race, gender, nationality, and ethnic group.  God is no respecter of any person or tradition.  So we want our congregation to reflect what Heaven looks like.  Be it done on earth as it is already being done in Heaven.